February 21st, 2008


Gaze in awe at the amazing Kotoro Nambara.

...am in a strange mood today XD

For one I am obsessively compulsively attempting to find out who called me this morning at 9:49 AM while I was during my working hours and could not answer.
I recognize the number, it seems really familiar to me, but it's clearly not in my phonebook as it didn't come up as a person's name. All I know is that it's a Waukesha Number and a landline... Whitepages wants me to pay them 5$ to know a name... I scoff at them.
...but still.
The Mystery... the intruige...

I am sucking down Delicious Matzo Ball Soup today as a lunch time delight... it was what was left over from dinner last night at my mom's
You can tell that I made the soup and not her because if she had made it the Matzo balls would have stayed in ball shape instead of turning into sediment shaped sediment at the bottom of the tupperware.
Still it's not much to look at but it's Yumm-eh.

I was woken up this morning at 6AM by a dog shaped torpedo of love... which is to Say my Dog realized that I stayed the night at my parents when my dad woke up and she realized there was someone sleeping in the room across the hall...
...but not for long. XD
I stayed the night at my mom's place not because of the Blackout (which I learned about through Quazo and later the 10PM news) but because she has an eye doctor appt today and as she wont be able to drive once her eyes are dialated I drove her to work and Dad's going to drive home with her.

Tonight I am going out to dinner with Juan (havent decided where yet although I suspect Casa Del Rio as that tends to be the customary place for us to go XD) and then I am going to do my damndest to get him hooked on the crack that is Mass Effect. I don't suspect this will be terribly difficult however as this game seems to be right up his Alley.
Yours too Dave.. no joke I totally think you would have a field day with this game XD

...Why do I see Juan accruing Renegade points instead of Paragon points? XDXD

...and not just because Eddie Izard sings "For the Benefit of Mr. Kite"