February 28th, 2008

Momo - ARRG motherf**kers!

Silly me...

So apperently I "dropped the ball" or so I was told this morning.

I got a call at 6AM yesterday on my on call phone and when I answered the Call forwarding people went "Oh nevermind, we called the wrong person this isn't for you... and it's not even an emergency order so we'll just fax it."
So I said "Oh, okay... well thanks anyway lol" and hung up.
They didn't tell me a customer name or situation or anything.

Turns out not only was it our customer but that it was in fact an emergency.

So I got into a little trouble for that... buecause I assumed like any rational person that the people who direct the calls would actually know what they were fucking doing.
My bad.

So now I have to force them to tell me all the details and take charge of the situation reguardless of wether they think it's for us or not.

Ah well...
I drew Imogen Heap last night

Go to Http://jadedroseseal.deviantart.com for the fullview ^.~

I plan on hunting down a copy of Apollo Justice: Ace Attourney today ::nods::
Those are my big and exciting plans that I will cancel at a moments notice if offered someting better lol XD

I should really start that Teddy Bear picture I promised Cindy ;¬¬