March 12th, 2008

Elanore - Bliss

I'd buy you a green dress... but not a real green dress, that's cruel. =D

So I'm in a suprisingly good mood today considering some of the nagging conserns I have ATM.
It may have something to do with the fact that my nose has once again become a functioning organ on my body and is no longer just there only to be a pretty shade of pink. (Read as "I can breathe out of my nose on one side again")

I actually have 2 commissions to work on (hooray me!) I'm really excited because I haven't had a legitimate commission since I had that freelance job designing characters for a game, that fell through when the guys ran out of money to develop it (presumably... either that or aliens abducted them or the Kaonashi spirited them off somewhere) But you know? I got a free copy of Alias Sketchbook Pro and $250 out of it so I'm not complaining I guess XD
So that's what I'll be doing tonight unless my cold decides to kick my ass and I end up sleeping.

Apartment Hunting last night was pretty awesome, I love that place to death, even if the bedrooms are a little small, I reallyu kind of hope we get it ^.^
I got some AWESOME sunset pictures the other night... like so awesome that it had been favorited 5 times in the time it took me to go from the upload screen to the deviation itself... like less than 30 seconds I was all O_O;; "Shit!"
(see them at my deviantart account )
Then for about a half an hour I couldn't write thank you's and comments back fast enough... every time I cleared one 2 more would pop up.

Honestly it kind of freaked me out XD I was like "I know it's totally awesome but really... the sky just looked that cool, it's not like I photoshopped it or anything all the talent I used to make that picture was ::point click:: Yay!"

but yes... tonight I must remember... Teddy Bears and a Tattoo... Teddy Bears and a Tattoo... don't forget to work on them...
Bears for Cindy
Tattoo for Tina.

doo eet Megan... doo eeet.