March 13th, 2008

Otaku thing

BAM! Take that life! =D

Okay so the thing that I thought was a problem isn't really a problem and I'm just an overreacting whiner. XD

But yeah.

Ha ha... I should probebly go up and appologize to Gwen's brother for being such a Hysterical Retard the first time he met me XD He seems like a cool guy so I feel bad for being all "O Hai! I can has neurosis!" ^_T
Lol he offered to lend me Assassins Creed if I lent him Mass Effect...
...I may just take him up on that ::shifty eyes::

I finished 3 Teddy Bear Options for Cindy last night... took me a good bit of doing too.
I did one Traditional Copic drawing, One Photo Manipulation, and one Drawing + Photoshop Manipulation
I'm actually suprisingly pleased she liked the Copic Drawing one the best, I was worried she would think it was too cartooney but it all turned out well.
Now tonight I have to remember to crank out some options for Tina's Tattoo before she thinks that I have forgotten her (Which isn't the case I swear!!)
I will probebly do that later in the day tho... I need to start packing up boxes and cleaning my room out... and finishing what I started on my desk.

I have another action packed weekend, Friday is Carol's going away party, of which I was un aware of until the other day when Dewane went "Hey there! going to the going away party on Friday?"
And I said "Oh! For Partick?"
And he went "No... Carol... Is Partick's last day Friday too? O_o;"
Me: "...oh, um... I think so."
Dewane: "Well we can make it a too-fer!"
I feel bad o_o I think someone may have told me but I must have totally forgotten that she was leaving. I'm such a horrible co-worker XD I'm suprised people talk to me ^_^;
Saturday will be LOADED for me My mom wants to go to an art workshop thing at Artist and Display (dangerous place for me to go when I have tax Money in my bank by the way) in the morning... then I'm going to hook up with Dave (I assume... I should probebly ask him about that at some point given that it's Thursday XD) and Sat eve is Lan's party
Sunday I have no clue... but will probebly be whoever is still left at our APT from Lan's party XD

And now my lunch is over T_T