March 14th, 2008

Momo x Kiley

"...*......*...." ::sigh::

SO I lost my voice last night XD
I feel about a million times better than I have all this week... but now I have no voice. It's sad really... April turned around when she heard me talking and went O_o "Have you been sucking helium? What's wrong with you?"
I laughed... well kinda... I did what passes for a laugh for me today XD

It's kind of working out in my favor tho because any upset customer who calls dosent stay mad for long because they either laugh at me or feel sorry for me ^.^

Still no sign of my Gyakutan Saiban art book ::shakes fist at E-bay:: I want that book god damnit...
I ordered Candy from Japan =D I can't wait to get it... most of the things I ordered looked delicious but I admit some of the things I ended up ordering just because of the description. Quazo heard me I was laughing my ass off and I kept going "Oh man! I have to have that XD"
One such thing was the "Men's Fragrance Gum".
No shit I have never laughed so hard in my life as I did reading the description of that gum.
Evidently a proper young man should smell like Roses and Menthol.
...yeah... I dunno...
I can't imagine that being a gum I fall in love with, but at least I can offer people gum for an up and coming young man XD XD!!

I sent Tina the first draft of her Tattoo, it involves lettering so I want to make sure she likes the spacing and placement bfore I ink and color it LOL

aaaand, I'm off to get some tea in a vauge attempt to revitalize my auditory functions ^_^

Party tonight! =D