March 18th, 2008

Sora - Dreams

::fangirls:: Mmmmm John Amsterdam......

Have I mentioned that I love New Amsterdam?
Because I do.
X3 I have a Prison Break sized love... nay... a DEXTER sized love for New Amsterdam and it's only been on for 4 episodes. (it dosent hurt that Nikolaj, the Actor who playes John Amsterdamn, is dead sexy) New Amsterdam will make my Monday TV watching happy now that Prison Break is over for the season (and possibly forever... I hear it's on the chopping block)

I'm drawing a picture of Detective Amstrerdam in fact ^.^

I have gotten back the lower registers of my voice so now I can talk in my sexy phone voice XD j/k j/k I sound like a chain smokeing old lady... but hey if that turns you on more power to you XD

Last Friday was Patrick's going away party and if I have talked to you within the last 4 or so days you've heard about the Cops and Fiasco that insued XD
I will probebly write more about thistonight but as I randomly got like 6 phonecalls in the middle of my lunch I have currently run out of time XD

Reguardless of all that happened tho it was a fun time ^__^

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