March 26th, 2008

Kazuya Fukai

When I say Tazo you say Tea! Tazo! (tea!) Go Mint!!

Sorry I have discovered the best tea ever (which I will keep saying until the next time I find the best tea evar) it is Tazo's Refresh "A bracing blend of mint with a pinch of Tarragon" So basically it's Peppermint, Spearmint, and Tarragon.
And it is some strong mint tea let me tell you... it's steeped to a deep color almost instantly when you put it in the water..
Mmmm Tea...

So Quazo and I have 5 or so weeks to find a place to live or be homeless vagabonds out on the street XD
But you know being a vagabond's not so bad... I hear it does wonders for the diet... not having food and all. XD
Speaking of food I spent summat like $200 on food last night so like Scarlet O'Hara we shall never go hungry again ::shakes fist to the sky::

Thomas and I went to Zen (FINALLY) last night for the first time this year... everyone was a little rusty I think but it was good, I missed it while it was gone ;__; Eventually in the new apartment (at a herein-so-far undisclosed location) I hope I'll have a clear corner or something for my Zabutan so I can use it to sit intead of people using it as a pillow when they sleep over (lol)

I hope to have a relaxing and awesome Weekend ::nods:: Maybe I'll make an appointment at Signature to get my hair cut... and possibly pay someone to punish my back for 20 minutes... because it deserves it.
How dare it get all bent out of shape and crappy just because I slept on a couch for 5 days.
Just who does it think it is HMMM?

Clearly my back does NOT know who it is fucking with.