March 28th, 2008

Rem - WoW

Mmmmm Warcraft-ey

I'm extra hungry today evidently because for some reason I felt I needed to buy EVERYTHING on the menu at Wendy's (lol no not really but I do feel like a pig buying a sandwich, side salad AND small fry)
Last night I caught up on the Charmed that I have been DVRing in the mornings (XD this mornings episode had SYLAR as a cat killing demon of some kind in it XD) then I went and got Quazo, then played some SSBB and beat all but 2 of the challenges on easy mode (I failed the Pikmin one and I died in a stupid way on the 8 new challengers one) then Dave and I had some quality Warcraft time to get in XD

If I don't end up having plans tonight I'll probebly be gnoming it up with him again lol.
We're on Moonguard if anyone's interested. Talapia and Sakyh, Lvl 7 (fair warning Moonguard is RP)

I've been having some pretty decent Idea's lately for a comic...
I'm hoping I can contain my general obsessive need to make comics/stories overly complicated and deep and just make this a nice little lighthearted kind of comedy thing. I only want 2-4 re-occuring characters, who I haven't named yet, and then a couple situational characters... kind of like Petshop of Horrors at the beginning when it was just D and Leon and a bunch of random customers.
But more on that later! Hopefully I'll have some sketches soon. <3