April 1st, 2008

Howl - interlude

"It's a dangerous thing to confuse children with angels..."

I don't know how I'm feeling today :\
I guess that means it's a good night for Zen, lol.

Lets see... what's been going on....
-Quazo and I have about 3 weeks to find an apartment ;__;
-I ordered the clear plastic sleeves for our Print selling at Acen.
-I ordered one of my Cosplay outfits (hella late I might add... I hope it gets here before we move XD) I'm going as Elda Chii to match Shannon's Freya Chii. I'm also going to look at the Gothic Lolita stuff but that's for another Paycheck... I still need the Persecom Ears and Wig.
- We are the proud owners of Halo 3 "Legendary Edition" and "Faffing About" Creed XD

Aaand My bosses unborn child decided it would be a fun April Fool's joke to decide "Hey I'm coming out today!" and totally hose us all up because today was supposed to be the day Cindy told me all the things I am going to need to know while she's gone. XD
Well I guess I'm winging it, although I do rather wish "people" would stop trying to pass work off on me while I'm trying to do my work and Cindy's work.

There are a lot of things I want to draw but havent had the time lately with packing and preparing and all.
Boo... I miss Art...