April 4th, 2008

Kei - wtf

What have I become... my dearest friend?

Despite the emo title I am not emo today XD that song has just been stuck in my fucking head.

I chilled with Nick and Tammy the other day (which I believe I forgot to mention) for the first time in FOREVER.
I misses them ;__;
Frankly I miss alot of people XD Pretty much if you aren't living with me you never see me anymore...
Might have something to do with the fact that I joined a hermitage (j/k)

I want to start Making ACen prints this weekend but whether we will have finished product at all will depend on whether our UPS man learns to FUCKING READ

UPS "1st attempt: we tried to deliver at noon and no one was there when do you want it delivered?"
Me "Before 10:30 or after 5 PM plx"
UPS "2nd attempt: We tried to deliver at 2 and no one was there when do you want it delivered"

Not to sound like Mugatu but I feel like I'm taking Crazy pills, everything is so messed up this week XD Here's me today talking to our production control department.

me: "Hey yeah I need a lead time on blah?"
pc: "Blah? oh blah! We talked about this, this morning."
me: "Did we? O_o"
pc: "Yeah remember?"
me: "...nooo... what did we say? ;;¬¬ "
pc: "::laugh:: it'll be here today."
me: "...Ooooh, okay I kind of do remember that..."
pc: ::laughs::

I seriously can't remember what I'm doing beyond a 10 minute timeframe anymore... it's just too flipping insane XD

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Mmmmm Assassins Creed... so deliciously full of assassinating people. If we had the time to get it delivered before ACen I would totally attempt to force someone make that outfit for me.