April 7th, 2008

Otaku thing

::weeps openly:: Acen you malicious bastard... be easier to prepare for.

So as Quazo pointed out... we have about a month to finish preparing for artists alley at ACen, WHILE we're trying to move XD

-Lan and I spent all weekend making adoreable little cellphone charms (we have about 29 finished and 8-10 more that need jump rings) that I'm pretty proud of... and today Mooglegirl posted pictures on deviantart of sushi cellphone charms she made for ACen. I was like "Goddamnit! I thought we were being all original now we look like we were copying D: "

-The clear plastic sleeves I ordered to protect our prints are 1/16th of an inch too small width wise. 1/16th! >_< Stupid... wrong number when ordering... so now we'll have to make 8x10's and trim them.

-Pop-up Weighted Companion Cubes are coming along fabulously, Strongly thanks to Shannon and Quazo as I think I have only colored 3 total XD (me)<--- is a bad friend

-I have probebly mentioned this already but as I have no memory anymore I'm going to say it again or for the first time: I am going as Elda Chii to ACen as part of a Chii trio with Shannon (Freya Chii), and Alana ("Bedroom" Chii) so this year my cosplaying attempt will not be thwarted as it has been every year XD (maybe this time when people take my picture they wont ask who I'm supposed to be afterwards XD)

I had a fantastic weekend, like no joke. I haven't had such a "weekend-ey" weekend in a long time. I love Alana she cracks me up. Juan brought over Burnout: Paradise which is actually an pretty entertaining game. I usually dont like the open world type Racing games but this one I might get in to. lol
I saw that there is an X-Files Omnibus DVD BRICK... and I waaaaant it. SO bad, you don't even know.
I picked up Martian Successor Nadesico in it's entirety because It's nearly impossible to find and I found it... it's also the first Anime that I ever bought back in the VHS days of Yore.

I think making charms with Lan made me art fufilled XD
I have had lots of Idea's lately but no drive so I'm glad I am accomplishing something ^_^

We also had an early 90's Schwartsenegger-a-thon when we watched Junior, Kindergarten Cop, and Twins XD

Buuut yeah now I have to get back to work XD Buu...
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