April 11th, 2008

Akito - Pissed

Okay, I am seriosuly going to choke-a-bitch today.

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So last night I went to see the Ruins with David and Katie, it was pretty good! Horribly morbidly disturbing... but good!
I was suprised because from the previews I thought it looked kind of cheesy and I was afraid it was going to suck. But in the end It was really really disturbing and I spent most of the movie cowering against Katies left arm while she was slapping David with her right one for making us come to see this movie XD
Over all it was a really good time =D
Depending on the rain I might make Prints tonight for ACen.

Quazo is made of win on the apartment hunt... we have one that he viewed already and liked that we're going to see on Saturday and hopefully get so we have a place to live XD

I want to see Ironman... why isn't it out yet ;__;

I also kind of want to read Ironman comics now that I know he's kind of a badguy turned good.
I likes me some flawed heroes =D

Chillin' with Patrick tonight! W00!