April 14th, 2008

Kyoshirou - What?



Her: "I took care of that e-mail."
Me: "Oh, Okay."
Her: "Don't you get an attitude with me!"
Me: o_o "What?"
Her: "I'm doing my best so don't give me attitude!"
Me: O_O "What what? I'm not... I didn't... what?"
Her: "Tch, it's a shame you don't have your little friend April out there today to squirrel me out to." ::stomps away::
Me: "...wait what? What just happened?" o_O;;

Seriously now... What the fuck.

-My sexy new phone works, and I need to get Katie's new number.
-Quazo and I HAVE A NEW APARTMENT =D it's hella close to my parents, Nick, and Juan and it's fricking beautiful.
-My Elda-Chii outfit was delivered today so we'll have to see how it looks =D Shannon, your outfit can't be far behind. =D!

I'm getting really pumped and nervous about ACen >.