April 15th, 2008

Kyoshirou - Why me?

I don't have a witty title today... sorry... XD

I got a phone call at 4 AM this morning... Stupid... being... on call.
God. Damn it.

SO I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep XD forgive me if I go random 8D

The phones are broken again at work (forgive my lack of suprise XD) evidently my voice is just too awesome a force and it is breaking the entire call center to try to put it on the automated prompts.
And in an amusing little bit of Irony and poetic justice... the phones are only ringin in to her
I feel bad, but I really do find that funny. It's driving her fucking nuts XD
she like "AUGH! god damn it! I can't get any work done!"
to which I responded jovially "Ha ha ha... welcome to every day for me."
She didn't think it was a funny as I thought it was ^.^

Lan and I are thinking of starting a comic collab, which I'm excited about =D she seems to be in the more driving roll here so I'll probebly just be an art monkey ^__^
But still! Stuff! Art! Joy!

Quazo and I got our apartment as I mentioned in the last post so we will be moving in about 2 weeks, and as soon as I get the stuff out of my car I... might be getting a new car XD
My mom was looking into how much more I owe on my car payments because a lot of things have been going wrong with the tires and a couple of other things on the car... and it turns out I still owe somewhere around $5000 on my car... which is only now worth about $2500.
My dad wants a new car so what they were thinking is that they would put Dad's current car in my name (and the payments on that car are much lower than mine) and then have dad trade in my car for his new schmexy one.
So in a couple of weeks I may be driving a little black echo =D
A little black Echo that to this date has never had anything wrong with it, unlike some other cars I could mention ::glances out the window at her car::

So all around I will be in a better place in May =D

I'm feeling arty tonight... I may stop by the fabric store on my way home... unless Lan wants to come with me in which case I'll swing over and grab her.

I need to adjust my Chii outfit a litte bit... the straps are too short which consiquently causes an uncomfortable amount of panty shot-age.

I also need to remember to order my Ears and Wig.