April 16th, 2008


ACen: Lets kick it up a notch!

So with the passing of the 30 day mark ACen preperations go into High Gear at the Apartment.

Last night Quazo and I hit up the Joann's in Brookfield for more supplies, I got some New paint brushes for Lan and I to use on the Charms (which number over 80 now... I'll sell the leftovers on my website lol) I got straps to lengthen the ones on my cosplay outfit for they are a wee bit small, we picked up little plain white tote bags to draw/Paint on and I got more material for Bookmarks and purses including some sexy Brocade so I could make some nice patterned purses.
I kind of wish I had a Dolfie Body so I could make clothes for that because I could charge out the bum for those. X3
What else... what else...
Oh! Little sealable sleeves for the charms (which look sexy and hella professional now)
uuuuum... what eeeelse.... >_<

I don't remember what else I bought at the moment...

But we also went to The Half-Price Books and I picked up a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" - Ayn Rand, some random Manga called "Apothicarius Argentum" which is really cute, The 4th Volume of the Korean Manga "Full House", Donnie Darko, and Unbreakable.

Tonight is more Packing (Moar Packing! ^'o'^ ) and More ACen Prep!
such is my life ATM XD
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