April 17th, 2008

Kei - wtf

I was feelin' free, with a little sweet and simple numbing me.

I heard that damn song this morning and all day it has been fighting for superiority in my brain with "Pirelli's Miracle Elixer", "Poor Thing" and whatever song plays at the end of Sweeney Todd where Ms. Lovette is signing "No, no, not lied... no I never lied... said she took a poison, she did! Never said that she died, poor thing! Poor thing!" ( "poor thing" reprise?)

Damn you music... damn you...

Made some more charms last night, started on stickers, and made two totebags with the INKtense pencils.
I also watched most of the backlogged Top Chef episodes I have been DVRing.
Mmmm Top Chef...

My life is so exciting =D

I have some interesting Idea's for some Non-ACen specific artwork that I may do for fun tonight.
::nods:: it's been a while since I've posted anything legitimate on Devart...
Maybe I'll do Naur's contest ^^