April 18th, 2008

Lex - Smooth

slightly refreshed

I did a little art for me yesterday... took some super close ups of Zoe too XD
Did a nice little photomanip of me and one of Lan.

I missed doing art that I didn't need to mass produce for a Con XD

Movie tonight with K-dub and KT.
Possibly editing my Chii Costume tonight.
Date tommorrow with Patrick =D

And I have no time to post because the phone is a merciless bastard.

By the way... anyone who knows me knows my tendency to pick characters that I love in series.. and then having them inevitably turn evil, go crazy, or die.

All I have to say is, Charmed is no exception.

Damn you Charmed... Damn you...
it made me cry ;__; XD
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