April 24th, 2008

Kyoshirou - EH???

...say what?

So I was drawing and vaugely listening while Quazo watched the Colbert Report when I heard "...Rain was voted the most influential person by (time or forbes or some importaint Magazine)"
I went o_o "Buh?" and turned around
Me: "Rain?"
Quazo: "Yeah?"
Me: "Bi Rain?"
Quazo: "Maybe... Pop Singer?"
Me: "Yeah, Actor and Korean Pop Singer?"
Quazo: "Sounds About right..."
Me: ::Darts over to the television just in time to see Bi Rain's response to Steven Colbert's good humored jabs about him::
Me: "Holy Fuck! That is Bi Rain! Why? How? I mean I know he's in the upcoming Speed Racer Movie but I though only big Nerds like Kristy, Katie and I who download Korean TV Drama's knew about Bi Rain." o_o

That's just... cool. =D
Way to go mainstream America Bi Rain! ^.^
XD sorry that was my Nerdgazm for the day XD
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