May 12th, 2008

Kyoshirou - EH???

Update of Updatey goodness!

I went out with Christal, Joel, Nick, Quazo, Shannon, and Dave to eat Sushi and go see Iron Man again (I'm up to 3 times!) as a birthday party for me ^.^ Twas a good time =D
I chillaxed with Dave and Quazo and had a kind of lazy day, We talked about how to make an ARC reactor replica XD.
I went and had my Prints done at Office Depot at around 5 (and was there printing, cutting, and talking to David until 9 XD) Then was up watching a $6.99 dvd of "The American President" and "Dave" (Oh how I love thee discount double feature) and Cutting, Signing, and stuffing my prints into an envelope until around 2 AM. (at 11 Nick came over, it was funny because he was throwng rocks at my window to get my attention because our buzzer isn't labled with our names yet XD)
Mothers Day! We ate at Culvers, went shopping at Kohls for summer clothes that will fit us while we're in Florida next week. I brought all of my movies over and my mom chose to watch "Magic Kitchen" of all things XD (Magic Kitchen is a cute romantic Comedy I had imported from Taiwan starring Jerry Yan) I finished cutting signing and stuffing my prints at around 6 (I'm so damn proud of myself XD) and we had a nice dinner at home.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend ^__^

3 Days till we leave for Rosemont...
I still need to:
-Find and style my Chii Wig (I think I'll just flat Iron the one I used when I cosplayed asd Momo)
-Finish Altering my Cosplay Dress
-Find my frickin' make-up already
-Put the sealing Gel on the costers
-Go Shopping for snacks
-Burn an MP3 cd for the drive
-Make some Persecom Ears
...and I'm sure endless amounts of other things I can't think of right now.