May 19th, 2008


Acen: Recap

First of all our table was right next to Mooglegurl's... which was just Badass. I never expected to be seated next to somebody I knew XD
The Prints didn't sell well... I think I sold 3 Gordon Freeman, 1 Catbird and a Picture of Alana.
The Cellphone Charms however... holy shitfuck. We brought 70 or more and came home with like... 6.
I was all O_o;
We sold out of all portal Merchendise right away (the pop up cubes, the cell phone cube charms and amusingly enough the Cake charms as well)

If you were at ACen you might have seen me there... I was Elda Chii the first day... and then after I ripped the side of my costume while trying to take it off Friday night (fuck, by the way) I went as Axel Saturday and Sunday (although my hairgel/spray job was Epic Fail) I got my picture Taken as Chii twice and as Axel 5 times once by myself (well I guess 3 times by myself but I dont count 2 of them because they were my friends XD), once with Alana wearing her Roxas shirt, and three times with Writer. (Camera Whore mental note: Walk around ACen with Alana and Writer More XD)
I picked up a Petshop of Horrors art book ( ::drool:: ) A set of Copic markers (like 86 of them for $200 o_o wtf cheap!) The japanese imported DS game that Elite Beat Agents was based on, and the season box set of Kyo Kara Maoh.

All in all it was good times ::nods:: Now to plan for next year!

btw... actual newborn baby dressed up as a moogle... sweet butter Jesus that is the cutest goddamn thing I have EVER seen.
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