June 5th, 2008

Otaku thing

I havent posted in a while! Why? Because I'm boring! :D

Yeah... yeah...
I haven't done anything terribly new and exciting (aside from a 2 hour Phone conversation with Stormy lol) I drew Dr. Girlfriend...
I made food and ate it XD
Oh! I bought Myst FOR THE DS
I almost walked past it whilst picking up Juan's birthday present at Best Buy and I went O.o "Buh???"

Something may of you might not know... I'm a gigantic Myst Nerd.
I have Myst, I have Ryven... I have the Book of Ti`ana, I have the Book of Atrus, I have the Reichi and Zachanar side story comic books.
I. Love. Myst.
I almost bought one of those Amazon.com E-books... you know the ones that look like a book but you download online books on them to read on the screen hidden in the fake book?
Yeah... I almost got that because it reminded me of Myst XD

Needless to say I picked it up XD I still remember how to beat Myst in under 5 minutes but I wont XD I'll play the whole game through this time.

On a totally random note... How cool would it be if they chose Ewan McGregor to play Atlas in the upcoming (read as 2010) BioShock Movie?
I'm a little afraid I will hate it when it comes out because it wont be as good as the game... but I'll go to see it all the same...
Wild horses could not stop me.
I'm also amused that they're making a BioShock movie given that I have heard that in the summer of next year Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to be in "Atlas Shrugged" the movie version.

You know what I would like to see?
Edward Norton as Gordon Freeman in a Half Life Movie.
You hear that movie makers??? Do eet!

Arg! lunch was over 5 minutes ago! Bad Megan! ::runs::