June 6th, 2008

Phoenix - Coffee

argh... it's friday already XD

My personality type: the dreamy idealist

by the way XD I took a personality test. ::points to the above button::

Days go by too fast! I spent all of last night feverishly trying to finish the music cd for the company picnic (goddamnit) and it took me until like 12:30 AM from 7 PM... some day I'm going to be able to respond to Stormy before she thinks I died or something.

I was suposed to make a cd with "German, Mexican, Americana, and 'Asian'" music...
Can you do it they asked?
Clearly they did not know who they were asking... =D
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Muah ha ha ha...

Now after Juan-con 2008 my life shuld return to it's regularly schedualed program.

;__; I'm missing Pridefest again this year...