June 19th, 2008


Sweeeeeet Caroline... (BAH BAH BAH) Good times never seemed so good!

Sorry... inside Joke...

Okay so now for a post that dosent make me seem like a little emo kid (Gomen F-list...)

Tonight I'm going out for Sushi with Stormy (For reals this time, there's no Apocalypse-rain to stop us this time XD) and evidently it's going to be a very Sushi weekend XD Quita wanted to grab Sushi tommorrow and Dave mentioned Sushi as well this weekend
Not that I'm complaining mind you, I fucking love Sushi.

...Why do I feel like I'm double booked this weekend suddenly... o_o Uh-oh... how ominous...

I stopped at the crack...er craft store on the way home yesterday and spent a retarded amount of money on supplies to make my goods (my GOODS! 0_\\\)
I got more sculpy, which by accident I got Super Sculpy instead of regular plain old white sculpy so we'll see how that turns out XD I managed to find yellow and green fabric in the retardedly cheap fabric scrap bin so I snatched it up and made a test Paupu fruit plushie last night... it's a little rough but in all fairness... it was a test XD I think I need to make some bigger ones too tho... I underestimated the amount of fabric that would be eaten up in seams.
I also stopped at Walmart and picked up the Disney re-release of Robin Hood (which I love) and it prompted me to draw myself as a Fox Anthro in the style XD it's up in my deviantart.
Also something I discovered was the opening song for that movie was what they sampled to make the Hamster Dance song. I was like O_O Holy shit! I used to whistle that song all the time and It never clicked that that was the hamster dance song.

I also picked up the old 1993 "Dark" Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. That show was awesome...
and the "Harrison Ford tells people to give him back his family" pack AKA the tom clancy trilogy thing for HftRO Patriot Games and CaPD. It made Quazo giggle every time he said anything about his Wife or Family.

And it's true... look it up on Youtube there are montages upwards of 8-10 minutes long just of Harrison Ford clips "Where's my family!" "Not without my family!" "Give me back my family!"

...I giggled.

Boo... I has to go back to work now ;__; Do Not Want.
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