July 9th, 2008

Momo x Kiley

Life, or something like it...

SO! current events...

David dropped by last night which was awesome because I havent seen him in... god what has it been, months? We talked, we laughed, we ate potatoes and meat. We started watching We are all Angels, which is this documentray about Gay Christian pop singers, but ended up watching Enchanted. It's a good movie, if a little slow at times. I burned him the Paramore - Riot! CD and ... and and and... we have brought Thomas back into the fold.
Last night Mr. Thomas reactivated his WoW account. ^____^
::hands Thomas a cookie:: Welcome back to the dark side my dear, welcome back. ::sinister laugh::

Also I talked to Abby again for the first time in a LONG ass time, and it was awesome. ::nods:: I am however mortified that she found pictures on facebook of me Cosplaying as Chii.
I still think I looked horrible in that outfit. Until I lose like 60lbs I am never cosplaying as a woman again.

I finally got AAA batteries for my digitizer pad so I can draw in photoshop again... problem is, now I'm rusty XD I was all "W00! I can do a picture of Lan!" ::starts drawing:: "...woo... I can butcher a picture of Lan..." ;¬¬
Yeah, needless to say that picture of Lan as a blood elf could use some "touching up" to say the least.

I will probebly explore Google's "Lively" program tonight unless I get another offer of something to do XD lol.
Evidently "Lively" supposed to be like a smoother stripped down SecondLife type program so we'll se how that goes.

aaaand my lunch is over.