July 10th, 2008

Phoenix - Fuck.


Last night I tried to turn on my computer and It started to restart and restart and restart without ever really reaching the point of booting windows.
So I turned it off, unplugged it and waited 30 sec to a minute like I have been taught when the computer goes a bit sketchy. Then when I turned it on again it *immediately* went to the System Restore screen to which I went O_O "NO!" and turned it off again so it wouldn't wipe my hard drive. I tried one more time and it just goes to a screen that says "System Internal Hard Drive Failure."

T_T Oh no no no... ::weep::

I had been slowly backing up my files, but I for some completely mental reason decided to back up my Music first and then my art, because my music is the larger project right? Makes sense.
Stupid, Stupid Girl. I can re-download all of my music I saved all of the e-reciepts from iTunes. What I CANNOT redownload is my art and all of my digital photos from the last 7 years. ::groan::

God, I can only pray that my tech-god father can somehow save my artwork from my corrupted piece of shit hard drive. Otherwise I may have to go Office Space on the insides of my CPU.

Fuuuuck me.

I did finally manage to Sign on to AIM on my phone (after going through every possible password I have ever used, EVER) and talked to Abby a little, but my phone evidently hates AIM like a little bastard child because it kept erroring and not sending messages that it took me like 7 minutes to type out on my fiddling little numeric keypad.
I really need a phone with a qwerty Keyboard.
Then it just decided "HAHA no" and kicked me off after a couple of minutes chatting and wouldn't sign on again.
Evidently it decided I was done talking.


When I get home I am going to do a last ditch effort of checking to see if maybe the hard drive just came unplugged or something but if that dosent work don't expect to see me online much for a while u_u

Feel free to call/text tho ^__^

Nick brought over Kung-Fu Panda last night (don't ask) and we watched it.
It's not a bad movie, I rather liked it. ::nods::
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