July 18th, 2008

Heretic Polaris

Why so SERIOUS? 8D

I'll do a legitimate post at lunch but I just need to fangirl before I explode.

Was the Dark Night good?
Do I want to see it again?
Was it worth getting 3 hours of sleep last night?

Seriously it was freaking amazing. Heath Ledger plays a hella dark and creepy Joker, and Aaron Ekhart was AMAZING as Harvey Dent/Two-face.


Also... amusing side note. I didn't know Andy worked for CBS 58, but I do now XD He was outside interviewing people about the movie.
Amusingly enough Ben and I had *just* been talking about him before the movie.
Andy didn't remember me at all XD I was like "Hi!" and he was all "Want to be interviewed about the movie?" to which I was all "er... no..." and he immediately dismissed me like I didn't exist anymore XD I was all "yeah, uh... Ben and I were just talking about how we hadn't seen you in a while. We were all 'We haven't seen Andy in a while!'"
And then I got the how do you know my name look.
And I laughed on the inside waved and left.
I texted Tony to tell him Andy was outside but I think he got shunned too XD

...aaand this is way longer than I ment it to be.
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