July 21st, 2008


End of Avatar.

I won't tell ya spoilers (unless you call me on my cell... then I will fangirl until the end of TIME about Avatar... and Batman but that's besides the point.)

All I'm gonna say is I love Zuko.
I love him always and forever XD
If I still have this haircut in May when ACen rolls around again, I am cosplaying Zuko dammit.

I was pleased with that ending... Very, very pleased.

And if Nick hasn't seen it he needs to come over to my house ASAP to have a Book of Fire marathon because I torrented all the episodes as they came out XD.
I'm still going to buy the Box set when it comes out but UNTIL mid september my torrents are all I have XD

Amusingly, Avatar was one of the first things I transferred off of my dead hard drive so book 3 is safe XD

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::cough:: anyway... I'm done now XD
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