August 5th, 2008

Phoenix - ORLY?

Last this day...

God Damn you New Amsterdam... you got this song stuck in my head...

Collapse )

That song is so damn pretty ;__;
It kind of makes you depressed however, especially if you know the episode it comes from T_T

I found the pimpest Laptop by the way... I am sooooo saving up for it XD

Oh, I think I forgot to mention this but I almost burned down the apartment last weekend XD
I put some cell phone charms in the oven to bake... then was informed a couple minutes later that we needed to leave for the theatre NAO so we rushed out the door and drove there bought our tickets, stood around, got refreshments... then Jen started talking about art and I was like "SWEET Christfuck I left the oven on!!!" and bolted out of the theatre, drove home, turned off the oven, took the cellphone charms out... and they wern't even burned.
Okay, so perhaps "almost burned down the apartment" is a bit of an over statement but... yeah it could have been bad.

You want to hear the funnier part? We got to the theatre at about 9:30... I ran out to my car about 9:45 or so and drove home, turned off the oven and stuff, and drove back in 15 minutes to still get to the 10:10 movie on time.

I think I may have broken some land speed records XD especially given that we live 10-15 minutes from the theatre driving normally.
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