August 25th, 2008



XD so as of last night I have seen Tropic Thunder 3 times now.
Don't get me wrong, It's no Iron Man or Dark Knight... but I do find it hilarious.

I think I'm going to start going on a Robert Downey Jr. movie spree. I keep forgetting how much I love him until I see more movies with him in it.
I started reading the Iron Man book again, lol. ::lame::

Ah, Tony Stark... why aren't you real? ::emotear::

Friday Night Dave, Ko, AA and I rolled new Characters on Moonguard... wonderful, wonderful Horde characters. I was begining to think no one was ever going to play Horde with me again the way everyone's been flipping lately ;_; so we played until probebly upwards of 4 AM XD I haven't stayed up that late in a loooooong time I'm amazed I can still pull it off and not die.
...except for I *did* die because I slept until 3:20 the next day >_< ::shame::

Saturday I continued my OCD upkeep of the living room and I watched the first season of Burn Notice, not bothering to actually get dressed until Abby called and invited me to see Tropic Thunder. We went to Starbucks where I discovered that "Venti" is indeed not the smallest size but instead the "omfg you're about to die of a caffine overdose" size.
...stupid Fre-talian words. D<
After the movie was more WoW time with the same crew as Friday, they logged at 1AM and I stayed up until 4 again watching Burn Notice.

Sunday, for some un-holy reason, I woke up at 9AM.
More Burn Notice was had until Nick came over (where he then insisted that I had shown him Burn Notice before, which is impossible because I saw it for the first time Saturday when I downloaded it on my mom's suggestion) we hopped out to Dave's mom's house where I played with Kathy's freaking adorable cats that I love and want to take home with me (even little hitlercat Mo) Pepper was my absolute faveorite cat ;__;
oooh! ooh! and! I didn't die! 8D I haden't taken any claritin and I was gloming Pepper like she was the last cat on earth and I didn't sneeze or cough or have my eyes swell up or anything! Cat Allergy getting weaker FTW!!!!! ::does the extatic dance of a cat lover who has been unable to cuddle cats without dying for YEARS::
I love cats... they're so squishy compared to dogs. ^___^

XD okay I should wrap up I sound like a lunatic.