August 27th, 2008

Phoenix - Coffee

Just because I like Vampires dosent make me stupid ;A;

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WoW-ed last night with Thomas, Nick and Dave. Initially we were leveling our Horde on Moonguard but the server went down not long after Thomas logged so we tried Dragonblight Instead and all rolled new Blood Elves.
I wanted to be a Male Blood Elf so that " I too could be a dick to people like me" XD
Moonguard is an RP server and I was taking a lot of crap for running around in Eversong Woods as an Orc Warrior XD it made me bitter and want to inflict douche-baggary upon others. So I chose to be a BElf Hunter for a little while ^__^
I have to say I enjoyed theflirts and Jokes the Male BElf tells "Your eyes glitter like the Sunwell... well how it used to be, you know, before the explosion that doomed us all!"
I also discovered how to cheat when someone takes the name you want. I wanted to name my BElf Lazarus, but that was taken. So, I named him Lazàrus instead XD
Mmmm cheating...

Also Sakurako 2.0 got fired yesterday... more on that later tho, my lunch is over ^_~