August 28th, 2008

Rem - WoW


Okay, I have to work through lunch so this will be quick but I need to share XD

Last night on WoW...

Tiesta: "Where did you go?"
Lazàrus: "Oh I'm back in the walk of elders, go down Murder's Row and take a right."
Sérra: "And then go down Sodomy lane, take the back door!"
Lazàrus:"XD!!!! ::snort die:: WHAT?"
Tiesta: "...boooo..."
Sérra: "LOL, sorry."

Also Laz is now wearing the same outfit as Vendanti (Dave's female BElf Rogue) because they're both leather wearers...
It looks a lot less Gay on Vendanti, let me tell you. Poor Laz looks like he's wearing a midriff shirt, causing him to look vaugely like a pirate drag queen.
Damn Blood Elf clothes being all wierd.

XD I took a screen shot of us ^_^ I'll upload it later XD
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