September 8th, 2008

Hakkai - Past


I'm still pretty bummed out this morning but I'm trying hard to remain positive.
Syd had her blood work today I think also they may or may not have shaved her back for the surgery so we'll have to see if she needs a little doggie t-shirt when I go home.

;_; my poor little baby, I really really hope this is something treatable. We'll know Weds how bad it is and if it's in her lymphnodes. She dosent seem to be sick or in pain at all, and as far as I know she has a healthy appitite, so maybe this is just the really early first stages and it's totally treatable...

In less depressing news I have decided to become a filthy cheater in warcraft and will go to any lengths to twink the fuck out of Faelar. Ko, AA, Alex, and I ran through the Wailing Caverns last night, which rocked. Loot was dropping a little strangely but it was fun and I got some new boots and shoulder pads out of it so yay!

Prison Break tonight. ^^