September 12th, 2008

Lex - Smooth

A Post!

I haven't heard anything back on the results of Syd's biopsy or bloodwork, but I did go over and visit with her... she's got a wound/scar thats 3 or 4 inches long surrounded by nothing XD I laugh because if you're not right up close to her you can see the stitches so it kind of looks like a kid ran up to her with an elecric razor and shaved a little square of fur off.

She's happy and not feeling any pain because she's stoned out of her gourd XD I came in and she ran over to me and was whining and squirming so immediately I sat down so she could reach me and calm down... she crawled up ontp my lap and lay down and just kind of layed there occasionally attempting to lick me for 20 or so mnutes.
She's such a sweety.
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In WoW News Faelar hit 22 and learned... nothing new of consequence (boo) but is now a pimp ass Alchemist and we have a Guild Bank and Guild Tabard. w00ts!

I saw the first episode of Truebood and rather liked it :D
I reccomend it... I can't wait until David lends me the books XD