September 29th, 2008

Kazuya Fukai

~Carry on my wayward sooooooon........!~

XD sorry... all the rockband is rotting my brain I think.

This weekend:

Friday: Went and got Dave from Whitewater, ate at Famous Daves and had all the meat in the world. X3 then we went to Best Buy to get Dave a new phone and while there I applied for a Best Buy Credit Card, and it should tell you how bad the economy is that I was approved in like 5 seconds after having been rejected on 2 prior occasions. (Note: it's not that I have bad credit... I just have NO credit.) I was approved for some obscenely stupidly high amount of money that frightens me... so I bought a new computer XD
In all fairness I payed for half of it out of pocket just because credit cards scare the ever loving fuck out of me and I plan on paying the other half off out of the next paycheck (this friday)

SO about the computer... It's a quad core pimp-box from Gateway with a super high end video card (that has 2 gigs of ram all by itself) 4 gigs of ram and a 680 gig hard drive. and many other things I don't remember... but in short it's sexy and I can play Warcraft at 25fps and up with all of the delicious graphics turned on... even in Silvermoon City during Brewfest mind you! Also I have never seen Secondlife work so well... EVER
Oooh! and I also bought Spore... and so should you... all of you
::cough:: anyway...

Friday after Best Buy Dave Abby and I played Rock Band until the wee early hours of the morning and unlocked an obscene amount of songs.

Saturday: Woke up... put new computer together and then Dave, Nick and I went over to help my parents clean out the basement so that they can have nice new flooring put in where brown shag used to be. I found a LOT of things that I forgot existed... Like a little recepie book I made for a video game for the Sega Genesis called Wiz `n Liz where in game you could get different things to happen in the staged if you mixed fruit in a cauldron XD Or the music sampler that came with the Sega CD upon it's release. My dad had a bunch of guitars he didn't want anymore and so he gave them to me. And they are nice guitars too... Quazo has been lusting after them since I brought them home XD One is a Teisco Del-Ray with a kind of sunburst colored body and a detailed faceplate... that has a Whammy bar and is from what we believe to be 1965. The other is a lime green "Airline" from the same era that has no manufacturers lable on it that I havent been able to identify online yet.

The third guitar is an Acoustic that my mom actually bought when she was my age, it's in the best shape. The two electric need a little tlc before they can be used correctly (particularly the Airline)

Sat evening we went to Nick and Tammy's and had dinner then we moved back to the apartment to test drive Spore, which was awesome.

Sunday was more Spore... Tammy got my old CPU, then Christal came over and we hung out a bit before Nick took Dave back to WW. I watched Dexter (which was FANTASTIC) and went to bed.

All in all a pretty full weekend ^__^