October 21st, 2008

Phoenix - Coffee

"Sookie! My little bullet-sucker!" "Eric, my big bullshitter!"

Mmmm 6 hours of sleep total in the last 48 hours...
Luckilly I have Mana Potion ( http://www.manapotions.com ) which is the most psychotically evil little energy shot ever. I say that because I can only drink a third of it at a time or so. It's like crazy sour citrus that would probebly taste good if it were diluted a bit but then you wouldn't have the sour punch in the face to wake you up right away before the caffine and stuff kicks in.
According to the website the little shot has the same amount of caffine as 2 red bulls or 5 cups of coffee... [walken] Wow! [/walken]
... It also reccomends that you do not drink more than 1 in a 24 hour period XD that should probebly warn me off of something but ::shrug:: meh.

Let's see... In warcraft news Fae is lvl... 27? yeah that sounds right... Lasaffrea hit 17 on Shandris thanks to Tammy kindly taking the time to run me through the Stockades, Redridge Moutains and the Burning Steppes, Lysander dinged 9 and Dahrla weighs in at a lowly 5 XD. Frey got a new hairstyle thanks to the new barber but I have to say nothing is creepier to a person with a male Blood Elf main to be walking around alliance side only to see the spikey "Super Saiyan" haircut that the males have is now open to apperently every male race. I kept seeing it, forgetting I was playing an Alliance character and going "AH! Humans everywhere!!! gonna dieee! D: "

Damn it to hell it's cold in here, I busted out my space heater again I don't care who it make feel warm. I got yelled at yesterday for something that could technically be my fault if you were really really trying to justify it HARD but... yeah it shouldn't have happened and I think it should have been handles better instead of me getting a ton of crap dumped on me. ::flips the bird to work::

Damn you Sookie Stackhouse novels! Why is book 8 never in stock when I want to read it D:
I'm all caught up with 1-7 but I can't find book 8 in paperback anywhere. I want to read it but I would much rather not pay $25 instead of $7 and have one giant un-uniformed book on my shelf...