October 31st, 2008

Phoenix - Fuck.

Dear Supernatural...

Dear Supernatural,
Season 2 finale part 1? You suck.
~<3 Megan

XD sorry... I'm on the second to last episode of season 2 and I'm all D:<
I didn't realize I was that far into the last disk already it was like "Oh! Sam just died, but you have to go to work now. So Sorry! 8D" ::punches every cliffhanger in the face::
I mean I know what happens, mainly because the 2 seasons that come after this episode have Sam in them so obviously he doesn't *stay* dead, and also because last week I Wiki'd Dean Wincheser and read everything about him, the Colt, and the Impala XD.
But still! Dammit!

So ::cough:: yeah, in short... K-dub, if you still want a Season 3 Marathon I'm reasonably sure I can watch the last episode of season 2 before Saturday XD
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