November 7th, 2008

Phoenix - Coffee

So here's how bad it's been at work recently...

I didn't even know until a couple of minutes ago that company lay-offs have been happening all day. Apperently 4 people have already been let go, and the only reason I know is that I walked in on everyone talking about it when I decided I could spare a moment to go and get a Soda from the break room.

XD I've been so absorbed in the endless flow of work that I didn't even know until an hour ago what everyone outside our department has known since Monday. But I guess that's a good thing right? If they didn't bother to tell us then that probebly means our jobs are safe, nei?

XD I took a bribe today from my boss XD she offered to buy me chinese food and in exchange I'm going to stay until 6PM today (or until she lets me go, whichever comes first) so I'm going to be a busy busy little beaver today XD rushing from work to Dinner at 6:30 then from dinner to Lasertag.

No rest for the Wicked XD

Hey Kristy... "Kneel before Todd!!!!!" >:D
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