December 10th, 2008



Agh... so tired x_x
I got a little kitten last night, and he's the cutest thing EVER ON EARTH but that's besides the point XD
His name is Evanrude because A) I loved The Rescuers, and B) He never stops purring. EVER.
I could hear him stalking around my room last night, the little bell on his neck was tingling but mainly it was the "rrrrrRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrrRRRRrrr" that made me choak laughter into my pillow. Speaking of last night, Ev was the reason I didn't get any sleep, lol.
In all fairness I did stay up too late in the first place playing with him, but after I decided to go to bed Evanrude decided to play a rousing game of "attack whatever part of mom is moving under the comforter" for an hour or so, then a round of "Chew on mom's fingers while she's trying to sleep" both of which I found too amusing and adorable to do anything about XD

I was a couple minutes late this morning actually because I underestimated how hard it was to do my morning routine with a cat like "OHai! Play with me! Hey! I love you! Are you sitting on the couch? Can I sit on you? OHey, is that a bagel? Can I eat that Bagel? Oooh glass of water! Mine now. What are you putting on your face? Can I help? DOes it taste good? OMG SHOE STRINGS omnomnom..."

God damn I love that cat....

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