January 20th, 2009

Momo x Kiley

::Final Fantasy Victory Music plays::

Okay, for reals... if you know me you know my general distain for all things political. Mainly because people can't just seem to agree to disagree, so it appears to me to be an effort in futility. Politics is kind of like Philosophy except for instead of getting enlightened and expanding your mind it seems more that you get red in the face and raise your voice XD

But I can't help it.
I <3 Obama.
I don't know that I have ever been so excited for a politician in my life. I'm literally all giddy that he's our new president :D

::does an Obama Dance::

I'm totally watching the Inauguration Speech when I get home, he's a really good speaker. I watched his Obam-firmercial when he was campeigning and I really enjoyed it.

I like Obama so much I want to do some kind of Obama art.
For serious.

::AHEM:: okay now that I got all my Obama Fangirling out of the way...

My Bento is the supreme bento!
Oh my god it was delicious! I need to buy more tuna and have this ALL THE TIME.
Last night I made vinigar'd sticky rice, then we had a can of tuna which was packed in (eww) oil so I rinsed it off and mixed it with Furikake Seasoning (Toasted Black Sesame and Nori), More Toasted Sesame, and Eel Sauce and packed myself a little Bento.
It was made of win and entirely WIN.
I wish I had more... sadly I think I would then explode because that would be a lot of rice.

Who wants to write me a childrens book to Illiustrate? 8D
I don't know why... I just really want to XD

I'm chugging along on my picture of Fàei and have updated my deviantart to that Effect... I still have to find some place to lure Dave to... er I mean... ask Dave to follow me to so I can have a picture of Faelar and Tiesta that's not from the Ultra-gay chest strap days of the Ghostlands.

I have also reeeeally wanted to do some Simpsons Fanart lately
again... no clue.

Also once I figure out how to post video's I am so posting Evanrude sucking on a blanket on my facebook. NO Joke. Hilarious.