January 27th, 2009

Kyoshirou - What?


Does anyone remember (or did any one ever see) Unico?
It popped into my head the other night while I was putzing around in photoshop because a picture I was editing suddenly began looking very much like... was it the West Wind? I think so... it might have been the North Wind...
God I loved that show... even if my memory of it is slightly hazy.
It was either 3 solid movies or an OAV and the more I think about it the more I believe it had to have been created by Osamu Tezuka (god help me if that's not his name...) The same guy who did Astro-Boy, Metropolis, and Kimba the White Lion.
You know how when you're a kid you just kind of accept whatever the cartoon tells you but then if you go back as an adult and think about it you're like. "Woah, this story was fucked up!"... thats unico. Forgive me by the way because I probebly havent seen this anime in 12 or 13 years and it was dubbed, but basically the story of Unico was that Unicorns brough too much happiness into the world and the gods got jealous so they "put them all into a slumber" which is a kid friendly way of saying they killed all of the unicorns. Except for Unico because the... Now I think she was called the North Wind... Saved him and is constantly on the run with him. She keeps depositing him all alone in sad little places and tells him he must not make people happy because then the Night Wind will find him and bring him back to the Gods to be killed like the rest of the unicorns. But that damn Unico, he just has to be a rebel... he's so freaking adorable and just so desperately wants to make friends that he can't help but bring happiness everywhere, get found out, and go on the run again. I remember three seperate story arcs. In one he was dumped in a forest where there was a Cat that wanted to be a little girl so she could help the kindly old lady who always fed her. She sand a song that I have been told by my mother that I used to sing ALL DAY LONG when I was a kid, that I still remember
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So Unico turns her into a girl and hilarity ensues but she helps the little old lady until an evil... vampire demon duke kind of freak show who lives in the forest decides he wants to make her his queen. SO he poisons all of the berries in the forest and all of the cuddly woodland creatures get glowing red eyes and kidnap the Catgirl (I want to say her name was Katie the Cat). The Duke drugs her and tries to make her his but then finds out she’s actually a cat and tries to kill her but Unico steps in, gets imprisoned, and gets free again. I’m a little hazy on the next part but I do know that The duke eventually transforms into some sort of giant monster that would give me nightmare for weeks as a kid and Unico has to transform into an adult unicorn and stab him to death.
Yeah… no joke…
Then the Duke is all scary and bleeding Lava and melting into a skeleton. But because Unico brought happiness to Katie by saving her the North Wind has to whisk him away because he did good.


So in the second story, Unico is dropped onto a desolate rock covered island where SATAN’S INFANT SON LIVES (wtf, really.) So mini satan is sad because dad is always too busy being evil to pay any attention to him. Unico tries, and fails, many times to be the little guys friend until the little devil discovers that Unico’s horn is magical and he can do all kinds of stuff with it. So the Devil says he’ll be Unico’s friend if Unico will give him the horn. Unico protests at first but eventually lends is to him saying that if the Devil doesn’t give it back in 24 hours that Unico will die. The Devil has fun all day with the horn as Unico slowly fades, and of course, has a moral crisis when there’s only an hour left in the day as to whether he should be evil like dad and keep the toy that makes him happy at Unico’s expense, or give it back and be Unico’s friend.
Naturally he waits until the last possible second to decide that he wants to be Unico’s friend but by this time Unico has passed out and is slowly sinking into the sea (don’t ask me why he was walking near a cliff while he was dying so he fell in…) The Devil dives in after him and tried to put Unico’s horn back on but it wont attach, and Mini-satan is a poor swimmer (I seem to think water makes him weak or something) so they both start drowning but then Unico’s horn finally attaches and he transforms into the Adult unicorn saving them both. Unfortunately the sigh of Unico in his full form is so beautiful that it makes the Devil truly happy for the first time and the entire island erupts into flowers and green grass giving away Unico’s position and forcing the North Wind to take him away from his friends once again.
The third story I remember as being my favorite but it’s also the story I’m the most sketchy on the details about. I want to say in this one Unico is dumped into a forest where there are some cats who look like Heathcliff and act like 50’s greaser punks. One of them has a home made boombox/headset kind of thing which is basically 2 boxes on a string on a “woofer” has a bullfrog in it and the other a “tweeter” has a canary.
Unico tries to be friends with them but they beat him up and he is found cowering somewhere later buy a kind middle aged couple who take him home and nurse him back to health. Turns out, this couple have a teenage son named Toby who stays out until all hours of the night learning magic from the Magician Kuroku. It’s already implied by Toby’s utter disregard for his parents and the malicious tricks he plays on his father using Magic that Kuroku is not a good influence. Toby has a heart to heart with Unico revealing that he’s not all that bad of a kid he’s just confused and impressionable. He wants to do great things instead of living a small life in a small town. I’m a little hazy on the conversation itself but I know it eventually turns south and Toby clams up after revealing thet Kuroku has “plans” for the town. Toby has a wand that will turn humans into stone goloms and Kuroku wants him to use it on the town. Toby starts with his parents. Unico tries in vain to stop him but he turns the whole town and most of the forest creatures into goloms… headset cat escapes. The Goloms line up on a Boat with Unico and Headset Cat trapped inside. They all get off on an Island where the Goloms march to a certain point then start stacking on each other creating a stone person castle for Kuroku who turns out to be a SUPER creepy possessed Marionette. I’m a little foggy on the how but I seem to think Headset Cat stays with the Goloms to keep an eye on Toby while Unico goes to the Island of Misfit Toys (or something like that) to speak with the Trojan Horse and learn more about Kuroku. Unico gets lost and runs across the son of the Sphynx who is lonely and sad all by himself. They travel to the Trojan Horse together and learn that Kuroku was once a happily loved Marionette but the old man who owned him died and he was given as inheritance. But the new owned abused him and broke him, eventually throwing him away in the sewers. Kuroku floated out to see to the Island where his hurt and betrayal brought him to life and he went back to the mainland to hurt the humans like they had hurt him. Unico and little Sphynx kid rush back to the mainland to stop Kuroku but by this time Headset Cat has been turned into a golom and Toby is in deep deep trouble having had a change of heart and trying to stop Kuroku. Kuroku basically is beating the bejeezuz out of Toby when they get there, mini-sphynx gets Golum-ified and Kuroku turns his anger on Unico once Toby has been sufficiently pummled. Unico tries to win Kuroku over with love but it fails and Kuroku self-destructs rather than become good again.
And you would think this would be sufficiently sad, however Unico transforms, saves the stone people and heals Toby so it’s mostly a happy ending. Unico is discovered once more and the North Wind takes him away.

See? What did I say, totally effed up.
Reguardless I would KILL to see them again. Just think how much I must have loved them to remember this much detail 13-15 some odd years later.
Seriously, if anyone has this or knows where I can buy it or even torrent it I would love you forever and ever.
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