March 25th, 2009

Otaku thing

Mmm Charros I love you...

So Despite it being listed in Urbanspoon as a Mexican Resturant I am being told that Charros is actually cuban food.
If so I have one thing to say.

Cuban food is fucking delicious.

I love plantains so I'm easy to please if a dish includes them XD Last time I was there I got the Ropas Vieja (Spelling... I has it not...) which was basically Cuban style pulled pork with 4 cheeses over plantains, this time I got what Katie tells me is a Cuban take on the chimichanga.
Whatever it was, it was fucking delish.

...and Abby got a Burrito the size of all humanity.
No kidding... this burrito had to be at least a foot long and probebly 4-6 inches in diameter stuffed to exposive capacity.

I DVR'd The Mentalist (and watched it) and I have to say... although this wasn't my favorite episode (which could have been because Lila from Dexter was in it and I hate her) Jane and Lisbon's "Trust issues" talk was EPIC.
For reals Thomas... it's not everything we could have ever hoped in reguards to a budding relationship between them... but it comes close, it comes close.
I squee'd a little, not gonna lie.

Also, bought a little 3 foot tall bookshelf for the art supplies and tossed the coffee table in-between the couches, where a coffee table should be. The room looks MUCH larger now, which is funny given that there is actually *more* furniture in it than before. Perhaps it's more Feng Shui now or something.
Evanrude loves that damn coffee table. For real.