April 28th, 2009

Phoenix - Coffee

They say that kid, he's got soul.

My Gosh, when Japanese Ramen bowls have a spicy label on them they are not fucking around let me tell you. I bought a "Spicy Langosta" flavored ramen and it is certainly as advertised, my mouth is screaming.

I have decided to make a concious effort to blog more as my love for twitter has destroyed my blogging ability totally. I'm all "I don't need to formulate a post! I can just blurt out anything I'm thinking immediately on Twitter! :D"


Chuck season finale was awesome, I hope it comes back for another season because if it gets cancelled where it stands I'm going to be pissed.

Heroes season finale was... very WTF-SYLAR?! D:< and the show continues to anger me with it's complete disreguard for tried and true methods. I'll try not to say too much in the intrest of spoilers... but SERIOUSLY???Collapse ) thing from last season??? Could we not have used that on the slit throat victem??? And who thinks that Mrs. Petrelli had a good plan there... seriously. Raise your hands... Thats what I thought. IT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Also, WTF Hiro... WTF.
::cough:: anyway. Thank you Heroes writers for totally working me into a rage spiral XD

Castle was good. It wasnt mind-blowingly great but it was funny.

New Mentalist tonight! ::joygasm::

I saw a couple movies this last weekend

17 Again - AWESOME, I totally want to see it again :D I have much love for Zach Efron now.

The Talented Mr Ripley - Uh... not sure. Kind of liked it because it showed Matt Damon's awesome range as an actor. But what a totally creepy movie, I have never felt so uncomfortable watching a movie before XD

The Holiday - Fluff, not particularly memoriable. I don't like Cameron Diaz but I got to see Jude law so Yay ^.^

Role Models - FUNNY, alot funnier than I thought it would be ^^

Aaaaaand my lunch is over... XD
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