April 29th, 2011

Wonka - Plotting

When he walks into the room, the walls lean in to listen...

SO, Thomas and I did a great excavation of the storage unit (mainly because they're going to power wash the garage and we have paper goods out there) and we found Collapse )

If I ever become one of those scary horder people I want one of you to promise to tranq me, and dump me in a home somewhere.

So as I mentioned in the LJ community (which has a following of Katie and Kristy at this point, and probebly only because they forgot to unsubscribe themselves) I have been working on revamping all of the characters for NSDS so that I may start drawing it once again.
It's funny I think, because nearly everyone has undergone minor physical changes, and DRASTIC wardrobe changes... with the exception of Wraith.
I don't know if it's nostalgia causing me to perpetually draw him in nearly the exact manner he started, or if his wardrobe was fashion-nonspecific enough for me to go "Eh, he's fine.".
I literally think the only thing I have changed about him (aside from a severely updated drawing style) was the addition of a band on the forearm of his coat. I also removed of all of the earrings from all characters because they were annoying to draw.
I bought a pad of paper the last time I was at Artist and Display that has photo blue comic panel outlines so that all of your pages can be the same size (a problem I had with Imadoki Kyo) so hopefully I will have some comic pags to post soon.
One thing I have been debating is whether I want to ink and color the panels traditionally with Copics, or if I want to do it in Photoshop. I really love coloring things traditionally, and it helps me to keep my color scheme consistant (see Kei's hair in Imadoki Kyo for an example of my inability to do that in Photoshop) but I am afraid that the text in the speech bubbles will clash with the traditional style of inking and coloring. Ordinarilly this might not be a problem, I could just write out the text, and problem solved, but if you know me you know my handwriting is atrocious. XD
Ah, dilemma.
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