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In the memory you'll find me, Eyes burning up...

...The darkness holding me tightly...
...Until the sun rises up.

I voted today... I was a little suprised to find out it's not just a pice of paper that says Bush and Kerry on it XD
I didn't realize you had to vote for all those other people too...
Yeah whatever... I didn't know who any of those other people were aside from Russ Feingold... so I voted for him because I didn't know who the other people were XD

I voted for John Kerry today... don't like it? Too bad! XD Haha it's too late to change my vote now the machine already ate it!
Soooo... yeah.
I bought Popcorn chicken today but I only finished like half of it despite the fact that it was almost the smallest size... I guess I just don't have an appitite today, Ah well... maybe that'll help me lose some weight XD

I worked on Kristy's christmas present today X3 ::plots evil plots:: ^___^

Mmmmm you know what? I started listening to Hybrid Theory again today... I miss that cd... it's full of good oldfashioned angst.

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