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Yes yes I am still alive... I know you were worried ^_~

well you should be because I work at the mall and across the parkinglot was that massacre at the Sheradin Hotel.
I started work about an hour after the shooting began but people in the mall were still fucking lunatics... we had some crazy lady walking through the mall with no shoes on carrying a dog screaming at the top of her lungs about suicide and how all the cops lie and how everyone in the mall was going to die.

Martin and I closed that day... he was half joking that if he saw a gun he was going to run screaming into the night, he didn't care who robbed us.
...I told him I'd be running right behind him ^^;

yeah... yeah... that day sucked...

I cleaned my room today so that if I see Andy again and he wants to watch that music Video I wont be mortified to show him my room...
(Ha ha I don't want Kristy to be embarassed of me how silly is that?)
I love you Kristy!!!!

Mmmm I have to leave for work in a half an hour I should find my work clothes.

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