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Well I found out today that the reason the kid who sits behind me in class hasn't been there is because he died on the 4th. It's really sad because even though he was in my philosophy discussion group I had a hard time recalling his face for a moment. Word around campus is that he died in his sleep from alcohol poisoning.

but I am not going to spend my whole day moping about it... I'm sad that he's gone, he was a really nice kid. Philosophy major if my memory serves.
call me callous but that's the way I am.

ANYWAY, I had a super fun David day yesterday ^_^
Sydney mauled his hand though O.o she's getting a little rowdy these days... I think I might have to step up the number of walks I give to her in a day.

M: "we need to move to a magical place where everyone is gay..."
D: "...San Fransisco?"

XD oh I love you.
and you look good in my glasses ^_~

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