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We were du-du-done with all the fuh-fuh-fucking around...

well I beat kotor2 fnally... and immediaely started a new game as a man this time. lol

What can I say, I'm a nerd.
I went out drinking with Kristy and Andy the other day (hooray!) Andy's uncle is a hoot let me tell you.
I did however sissy out on the shot and made Kristy drink mine. Those two crack me up ^___^

I'm making some new friends in school, which is cool.
I'm making some new friends at work, which is cooler.

I am proud of some people, and dissapointed in others.
I hope you know who you are ^_~

I want to plan a summertrip.
I want to write a poem.
I want to act.
I want to draw.
I want to become published.
I want to finally not be single.

...and no-ones going to stop me ^___^

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