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oh my GOD I'm so fucking tired...
I am trying my damndest to get all my shit together before the end of the year... it seems unlikely I know... but I'm still trying.

Stupid fucking both jobs.
Weekends dont exist ::angst::

I really want to buy Jade Empire, I have heared all good things about it.
Also I kind of want to buy City of Heroes... and I know it's just because Fanter likes to mess with my head and make me want things I cant afford XD
I really want to play WoW... sadly if you cant play for at least 2 hrs it's really not worth starting to play honestly. Maybe I'll play a little tommorrow... if I dont just decide to sleep until the end of time... or until my next class starts... whichever comes first.

This new guy I'm e-mailing seems pretty cool but I wont get my hopes up too quickly.
Ha ha I love David... he was all "No Megan! You can't date a guy! That's just... wrong!"

At this point I'm about ready to give up, there aren't any good girls out there anymore.

Oh and did I mention? Apperently I'm a "special kind of Caucasian"

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