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thingie thnige

-- Name: Megan
-- Birthdate: May 8th, 1983
-- Birthplace: Springfield, Il
-- Eye Color: Blue
-- Hair Color: Dark Brown with Highlights that used to be red
-- Zodiac Sign: Taurus
-- Innie or Outtie: Innie ^_~
-- Your heritage: Half French, Half... uh.. other stuff
-- The shoes you wore today: My little Black Chinese Shoes ^__^
-- Your eyes: Blue, very very pale blue
-- Your being attracted to the opposite sex weakness: ha ha... the fact that they *aren't* the opposite sex?
-----------------WHAT IS------------------
-- Your most overused phrase on aim/hotmail: I say "rock the SHA!" alot.
-- Your thoughts first waking up: ::cry whine:: I hate Math.
-- The first feature you notice in the opposite sex: ;>>
-- Your best physical feature: My eyes!
-- Your bedtime: 12:30 or 1:00
-- Your greatest accomplishment: Hmmm, probebly getting my life somewhat back on track after fucking it up so bad ^_^;
-- Your most missed memory: I miss... the old days. ::nods::
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
-- Pepsi or coke: Deugh, if I have to have dark soda I prefer pepsi over coke.
-- McDonald's or Burger King: Oh the BK all the way. Pickles... all my pickles...
-- Single or group dates: group
-- Adidas or Nike: Sketchers! haha all my shoes are either sketchers or rocket dog
-- Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla.
-- Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee
-----------------DO YOU------------------
-- Cuss: Hai
-- Take a shower atleast 3 times a week?: Eeeeeew... I take a shower every day... 3 times a week would make me cry dirty smelly tears.
-- Think you've been in love?: Oh I know I have been in love, it wouldn't have hurt so bad if it wasn't love.
-- Want to go to college: haha I'm currently procrastinating when I should be writing a paper for my college english class.
-- Want to get married(why or why not): I'd want to get married some day, have a family... all that jazz
-- Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: ::snort: right... I still have to look at the keyboard when I type.
-- Get motion sickness: Ugh... yes
-- Think you're attractive: Moderately so yes.
-- Get along with your parents: More or less
-- Like thunderstorms: Yup!
-- Play an instrument: I used to play Violin, piano, and Trumpet... I dont anymore tho
------------IN THE PAST MONTH HAVE/DO YOU--------------
-- Smoke(d): Not in the last month no.
-- Done a drug: Nope
-- Had Sex: Sadly I am a 22 yr old virgin
-- Gone to the mall: haha I work in the mall
-- Eaten sushi: Just the other day actually
-- Been on stage: not in the last month.
-- Gone skating: not in the last month.
-- Made homemade cookies: ...actually I think I have
-- Been in love: haha not unless you count lingering feelings from a fucked up realtionship
-- dyed your hair: not in the last month
-- Stolen anything: ... I don't think so...
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
-- Flown on a plane: yep
-- Cried during a Movie? which one?: Yeah
-- Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Do you WATCH anime????
-- Had an imaginary Friend: ... not in the traditional sence of the word
-- Cut your hair: haha it would be kinda scary if I hadent ever cut my hair...
-- Had crush on a teacher?: Kinda have one right now ^_^;
-- Played a game that required removal of clothing?: lol I dont think so but I'd sure like to some day.
-- Gotten beaten up: oh yes.
-- Been in a verbal fight: pfft, yes
-- Shoplifted: yup
-----------------THE FUTURE------------------
-- Age you hope to be married: is it wrong that I kinda wosh I already was?
-- Numbers and Names of Children: I would love to have twins, I have a strange obsession with twins, Yukino, Hunter, Kiley, Ayame, Aki... I oculd go on naming names until the end of time I hope you realize...
-- Describe your Dream Wedding: I want to be married in a traditonal Japanese wedding.
-- How do you want to die?: I would like to die in my sleep preferably.
-- What do you want to be when you grow up? : uhh... I AM grown up... but I suppose a Manga Artist
-- What country would you most like to visit?: I would love to go to China or Japan.
-----------------OPPOSITE (or same) SEX------------------
-- Best eye/hair color: I like light hair and dark eyes but it dosent matter to me that much.
-- Best height: taller than me (hopefully)
-- Best weight: this might sound horribly shallow... but someone who's at least semi fit.
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
-- Number of drugs taken illegally:none
-- Number of people I could trust with my life: 2
-- Number of CDs that I own: haha alot
-- Number of piercing: one in each ear
-- Number of tattoos: none... yet
-- Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: 2 or 3 times
-- Number of scars on my body: oh dear... alot ^__^ most are pretty faded except for the one on my back.
-- Number of things in my past that I regret: I dont regret the past, it made me who I am today.
-- Shampoo: Herbal Essence
-- Color: Green
-- Day/Night: Generally night but I like a good day too.
-- Summer/Winter: hmmm suprisingly that's tough, I like summer alot but I am probebly going to have to say winter.
-- Fave Food: Sushi
-- Fave Movies: Wasabi, House of Flying Daggers, Hero, Magic Kitchen... lots of foreign movies
----------------RIGHT NOW------------------
-- Wearing: Jeans and a flowy white shirt.
-- Drinking: nothing
-- Thinking about: How I'm planning to skip english today because I care *just* that much.
-- Listening to: Let Go - Frou Frou
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
-- Cried: Hmmm... not in the last 24 hrs.
-- Worn jeans: haha I'm wearing em now!
-- Met someone new online: shockingly... yes
-- Done laundry: hahaha no... ::looks ashamed::
-- Talked on the phone: Yeah I talked to David yesterday
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------
-- Yourself: sometimes
-- Your friends: ... sometimes ::looks ashamed::
-- Santa Claus: haha I'm not 5 thank you
-- Angels: ...I suppose so.
-- Ghosts/spirits: Yup
-- UFO's: ...not the traditional UFO... I do believe there is life out there tho.
-- God: I suppose so, not in the way you'd probebly expect though... I'm Wiccan
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
-- Do you ever wish you had another name?: GOD yes
-- Do you like anyone?: oh my god like... LIKE like??? Where did you hear that? those gossipy bitches in study hall?????
-- Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: LOL Kristy definately.
-- Are you close to any family member?: more to my mom than my dad but we're pretty close too I guess.


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May. 10th, 2005 04:06 am (UTC)
Is it I who act like you or you who act like I?
May. 10th, 2005 06:43 pm (UTC)
Ha ha ha it is we that acts like us ^___^
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