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you've twenty seconds to comply...

Ugh... I have to leave for work in ten minutes I was just checking my e-mail and found nothing of consiquence... know... unless I want to enlarge my penis.

Tommorrow is going to be the day from HELL... I work for 12.5 hours tommorrow...
stoopit work...

I have a vauge Idea for characters for a story that I want to start, I'll probebly end up working on vauge character outlines at work today because noone shops at office deopt...
...I'm serious...
We are having a store wide clearence sale because apperently it's the "off season"
which seems odd because you would think the need for pens and paper would be kind of year round... but you'd be wrong it would seem.

You know, and then there's pen-arrmegeddon come fall when you would think the end of the world was coming and everyone needs ink to survive.
to fight off the mutants and zombies of course...

::twirls away::

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